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How Risky is Your Portfolio?

Why Knowing Your RISK NUMBER is So Important to Your Financial Success

You've probably heard of your sleep number, but have you ever measured your RISK NUMBER? Both affect your ability to sleep at night. Rather than use vague terms, like "conservative investor" or "moderate investor" or "growth investor", our method is based on real numbers in your life. We can actually define a score on a scale which can be used to determine what kind of investments or portfolios would be appropriate for YOU based on your risk number. If you are not aware of your RISK NUMBER you might make costly errors in your investment decisions. You just need to answer a few quick questions to get your RISK number.


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Verify Whether the Risk of Your Portfolio Matches Your RISK NUMBER

Do you know if your current investments are matched to you personal RISK NUMBER? Our analysis has the monthly performance and risk data of thousands of mutual funds, stocks, ETF's, variable annuities and indices. ARE YOU TAKING TOO MUCH RISK? or PERHAPS NOT ENOUGH? We provide an independent analysis that computes the RISK NUMBER of your investments.

Has anybody done that analysis of you and your portfolio before?

Are you aware that if interest rates go up, bonds and bond like (or interest sensitive) investments in your account can go down and you may lose principal. Do you know how sensitive your holdings are if interest rates go up by just 1%?

Our STEP 2 FREE RISK ANALYSIS will do this for you.  If you would like to have your current investment portfolio evaluated against your personal risk number contact us below.