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Our Location

Our Scottsdale office is truly unique.  It is located in its own building on Valmar Ranch.  We are located on Via Dona Road which only runs between Scottsdale and Pima roads.  It is just north of Dynamite.  The address is 8262 E. Via Dona Rd. Scottsdale, Arizona.

Coming from the 101, exit at Scottsdale Road and go north just past Dynamite road. (Dynamite is north of Thompson Peak, Pinnacle Peak and Jomax roads.) 

Just north of Dynamite (on east or right side) is Dale Lane, then comes Via Dona.  Make a right on Via Dona and travel east 1 1/4 miles on Via Dona.  (Note Via Dona looks like a dirt road, but is a special treated surface to give the area a rustic look and keep the speed down.  Travel down the street and enjoy the surroundings.)  Once you pass 82nd street, look to your left.  Drive up to the pink gate with VALMAR.  Drive up slowly to several feet from the gate.  It will open automatically during the business day.  Go straight to the small house which is the office directly ahead.  Park in the driveway and come in the front door on the east side of the building. (To your right when you get out of the car.)