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In Business for Over 30 Years!

Wealth Management and Retirement Income Specialists in Arizona Since 1972

Martin R. Fishgold CFP®
Valerie Fishgold MS, CFP®, AZCLDP

Now more than ever, investors are feeling overwhelmed by economic, political and social uncertainty. Our job is to help investors protect and grow assets no matter what the economy is doing.  We are comprehensive wealth managers that also hold CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation.   We specialize in assisting our clients attain their retirement income objectives, and we integrate wealth protection options which include tax strategies, the use of various trusts and legal documents, and insurance.   With over 60 years of combined experience, we can efficiently analyze and make recommendations as well as co-ordinate with our clients’ tax and legal advisors.   We provide quarterly reviews, and monthly communication with our clients in fee based managed accounts.   As a result, we have close relationships with our clients and their families.  Our goal is to keep our client's comfortable with our expertise, management and service so our clients can live the lifestyle they have chosen. 

Designing A Financial Plan to Fit You Starts Now!  FREE Portfolio Risk Analysis


Would you like help in making investment choices?  You can get assistance on making appropriate choices for your plan by requesting a special free report.  We will prepare an initial analysis report of your plan investment options under current market conditions.  This report can help you with an investment strategy as well as choose which investments in the plan may be most appropriate for you.  We will personally review the report with you.  You are under no obligation to utilize our services in the future.  Send your request for your FREE 401K (or 403b) analysis report to  Include your contact information and the name of your company plan from your statement.